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Tim Tam

April 10, 2013

So I finally got some Tim Tams, Australia’s favorite cookie, at World Market. They were ignobly stripped of their name (taken from a racehorse), presumably because “Tim Tam” is licensed to Pepperidge Farm in America. The package was labeled “ARNOTT’S ORIGINAL Chocolate coated biscuits with a chocolate cream center.” But they are the real deal, made in Australia. Two rectangular chocolate malted wafers with filling between them and a chocolate coating. Arnott’s also makes variations on the theme, including a cheese Tim Tam for the Indonesian market.

It’s a good cookie. But is it the exceptional cookie that so many have claimed it to be? I am not convinced. It is not on the level of the Mallomar. But I would like to eat more, under a wide variety of conditions, and see if a friendship might blossom. Though at four dollars for seven ounces of cookie, with limited availability, I am not sure that will happen. I would be interested in trying the P-Farm kind, maybe at a better price, but like Mallomars they are a seasonal cookie, shipped to stores only in the colder months.

I did try the Tim Tam Slam. It’s probably best done with a hot beverage — coffee, tea, hot chocolate — but I settled for milk. What you do is bite off the ends of the cookie, or opposite corners, then stick one end in the drink and one in your mouth and suck, suck hard. It will act like a recalcitrant straw. After that you have the soaked cookie to eat, like a milk-dipped Oreo. Be careful — the first time I tried it I spilled milk all over myself, and I never achieved elegance with the maneuver. It may not be the sort of thing to take up late in life, but a ritual that begins in childhood and ever after carries with it the glow of childhood’s glory. People of our hemisphere may never understand. But if you want to do something with your cookie beside just sticking it in your mouth, biting, chewing, and swallowing, then by all means give the Tim Tam Slam a try.

I started this post with the feeling of slight disappointment that so often comes when your dreams, of cookies or of other forms of happiness, meet reality. But now, as I look at the empty Arnott’s package, I just so want to eat a Tim Tam. I might have to make a special trip to get more.

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