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Happy Bloomsday, Now & Forever

June 16, 2018

Could Bloom of 7 Eccles Street forsee Bloom of Flowerville?
In loose allwool garments with Harris tweed cap, price 8/6, and useful garden boots with elastic gussets and wateringcan, planting aligned young firtrees, syringing, pruning, staking, sowing hayseed, trundling a weedladen wheelbarrow without excessive fatigue at sunset amid the scent of newmown hay, ameliorating the soil, multiplying wisdom, achieving longevity.

— from Ulysses, by James Joyce


One year ago tonight as I walked home whiskeyfull from the C&O bar, as I walked through the silent unsuspecting Bloomsnight streets of Charlottesville, I knew what my next Bloomsday message would be. The truth of it stirred and grew within me, a firm conviction of what finally needed to be said. Unfortunately I do not quite remember what that was. Maybe tonight it will come back to me, as I repeat the journey.

For now let us leave it at this: Happy Bloomsday to you, each and every one of
you, those reading this and those not, the good and the bad, the drunk and the sober, the Irish and the English and the Miscellaneous. May the spirit of Bloomsday never leave you, even when you would really rather it did, and may the memory of Bloomsdays past be a comfort to you in whatever hard and bookless times it is your fate to endure.

Until we meet again, on Bloomsday…

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