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Do Not Read This Stewart

May 24, 2020

Did you read this Stewart? When I told you not to? People have already started to complain, and it won’t be long before they finish. “Stewart is always reading this” they say, and I have no rebuttal. Why would you put me in that position? Every one of the positions I have put you in, over all these many years, now and in the past and before, has been very comfortable and for your own good, some deluxe even, none stressful, embarrassing, or inappropriate. None revealed your hidden weaknesses or protuberances. I do not ask for much from you. Since the accident, hardly anything. A few feet of rope, a handful of barley, and to not read this. Well, the rope was twine and measured in the inches, the barley was oats and damp besides, and here you are reading this. What do you expect to gain from it? There is nothing here for you, or for anyone. Just lonely words, a failed shout, a muttering that stops

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