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Bloomsfat Dalutation

June 16, 2019

Among the things WordPress keeps track of are (some of) the search terms people use to find your site. Today someone found this blog with “bloomsfat dalutation.” Google corrects this to “bloomsday salutation” and one of my posts comes up second in that search.

I don’t know what a bloomsfat dalutation is, other than wild, beautiful, Joycean, and entirely worthy of existence. Right now all I can do is create this post for it. Maybe someday it will find further fruition, discovering its form and function within the language, the referent for which it longs. Until then may it remain here in its solitary searchable radiant reality, as long as this blog shall live. God bless you bloomsfat dalutation, and whoever it was who created you!

(Yes, looking at my keyboard I can see as well as the Google algorithm (more creepily) can how a plausible typo of four consecutive letters changes “bloomsday salutation” into “bloomsfat dalutation.” So what? This is how evolution works. A fruit bat is no mistake, a dandelion is no mistake, and neither is bloomsfat dalutation.)

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