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Let There Be Darkness

May 29, 2018

It did not happen the way people say. Yes, in the beginning all was formless and void. But it was not dark, quite the opposite. Through endless transparency a pitiless total light glared, with the veracity of an infinite interrogation room, holding the perfect stillness of a crystalline desert. Nothing could exist that was not seen, and nothing was seen.

And into this void and waste God, in his loneliness, looked. And God said, Let there be darkness: and there was darkness.

And through the brightness the darkness billowed like smoke, roiled and rolled it over the face of the colorless waters. Light stopped, recoiled, went on, thinned, hued, divided, took texture, was overthrown; became another. Blackness covered blankness, the nothing covered to where something could go. The void was hid, the world began.

And God saw this and it was good.

And into the dark and the light and the misty gray God hurled innumerable beings of darkness– opaque, mysterious, every one holding a secret within. With these God populated the earth, creatures great and small, moving and still, of the air and of of the earth and of the sea. All inwardly and outwardly articulated, dense with truth, probed by the the light but never fully known to it.

And God saw this and it was good.

And in the darkness marvels stirred. Love and dreams and the excitements of murder. Freedom. Fungi. Speculations, imaginations, copulations. Worms toiled through dark rich-scented soil; sightless fishes darted through lightless depths. Being found its shadow; its shade, flavor, depth, and life, unflattened by all-pervasive light.

And light? It grew sulky at first, for the loss of its total dominion. But soon enough light discovered the gift that only darkness could give it: its beauty. And light rejoiced that it was beautiful, and with every beam and glimmer it sang out praises to God, for creating the darkness through which it may shine.

And God? God saw that there was what could not be seen, and it was good. And God leaned back, and rested, and wondered what would happen next.

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