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My Dark Materials

January 20, 2021

After a brief interregnum, the war against The Authority has resumed.

To this effort I intend to give the better, albeit smaller, portion of myself. I will not cease from Mental Fight, nor shall my sword sleep in my hand, till we have built Jerusalem, in Virginia’s green & pleasant land. Probably somewhere in the vicinity of Bumpass. Some say Short Pump but I say Bumpass. We must keep a wary distance from Goochland, Goochland and its Gooches, and keep close to Mineral, Cuckoo, and Beaverdam. But these are mere details, and not mine to decide. Obviously Short Pump is a great shopping destination.

My job will be here, on this blog, as a blogger, blogging. Doing the unpaid, unrewarded, unwanted and unnecessary work of occasional feckless posting. It’s just my part of the Great Work ahead of us. For too long we have been layabouts, popinjays, queer plungers and, in some cases, oracular mountebanks. It was fun while it lasted. For days upon days, blurred and unbroken, I drifted through my home, first looking at one wall, then another, sometimes the ceiling, waiting out the hours until fitful sleep brought me to the brink of terror. No more! No more soft pageantry on the road to death. No more mint chocolate chip ice cream in the shower. No more imaginary podcasting while searching for lost treasures in the fridge. No more forgetfulness of Being or lapsed membership in the Triple-A. Our country has found its leader, regained its footing, and is once again ready to take up arms in the fight of all against All. The call has gone out to patriots everywhere, the call for keyboard warriors strong and true. I must answer that call.

So keep an eye on this space, fellow warriors, for strategic lessonry, tactical tips, and morale-boosting bravado. To begin with, I’d like to suggest the cucumber. Cucumbers make the perfect accompaniment to almost any meal. They are so refreshing! I like the lengthwise cut, but you can go with the moony discs if you prefer. Why not add some cukes to your next meal?

Our storm has come, storm of fire, storm of steel. Our Enemy above shall not long endure, freedom will prevail!

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