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Born on the Eighth of October

October 8, 2012

I cannot let this day pass without noting its significance for this site. People born October Eighth (Ten-Eighters or “Taters”) were early and prominent proponents of a Subverbo blog. It is true that I had already been thinking about blogging for some time, but I do not know that I would have gone through with it without the encouragement of Ten-Eighters. I cannot say why this birthday should be associated with blogogenesis. I have no truck with astrology, numerology, or biorhythms. But to be inexplicable is not to be unreal, and we must acknowledge the strange forces at work in the universe before we understand them.

So if you are one the small brave band of Subverbo enthusiasts who suck soul-nourishment from this blog as if from the teat of some great cosmic sow or she-wolf of the astral plane, don’t be a Tater Hater. Lift your glass in a birthday toast to all the Ten-Eighters. They are a strange breed, just 1/365.25 (approx.) of the population, and often hard to figure, but the world would be a far different place without them, and most likely worse.

In honor of them I will be rededicating myself to this blog, producing a brief spurt, or perhaps flurry, of posts before falling into torpor once more.

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