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So Crazy It Just Might Work

October 7, 2012

How often, in what passes for the real world, is something so crazy that it does in fact work? This seems like an important subject for study: the efficacy of crazy. In movies and television were are assured of it, yet in our own experience it is more common for plans and endeavors to be so crazy that they will definitely fail or so sane that they are too boring to even attempt. What confidence can we place in craziness, particularly craziness in excess, the “so crazy”? Of course, the problem is that any rational and calculating approach to the issue will tend to be inimical to the crazy. Yet wouldn’t it be a little crazy to even try to such an approach to such a subject, to be so inappropriately rational and hyper-calculating as to cross over the border of sanity to reach the holy rigor of madmen and saints?

I suspect the real problem is the idea that the virtue of crazy might be made to work. That it can simply be deployed for its utility, to achieve our predetermined goals. The excellence and power of the crazy (Der Krazie) at its best lies in its unpredictable creative power. It creates rifts in our reality through which transforming raw energies may flow. It opens the closed circuits of our being to primal flux. You might say, if you are so inclined, that it opens our hearts to the grace of God. Perhaps we should speak of that which is so crazy that it does not matter whether it works or not. The only crazy worth being is the transcendentally crazy.

For Raymond Smullyan’s thoughts on the merits of crazy philosophy, see my post This Post Needs No Title.

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