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First Drafts of Famous Literary Titles

July 18, 2014


The Auctioning-Off of Lot 49
The Nude and the Dead
Unimaginably Vast Jest
The Milkman Cometh
Treasure Peninsula
Anne of Teal Gables
Fifty Years of Solitude
Ukrainian Family Robinson
The Grapes of Wrath  
[somehow, this one made it through to publication]
Lady Chatterley’s Boyfriend
The Heart Is a Lonely Predator
The Education of Me, Henry Adams
Buds of Weed
For Who the Bell Tolls
As I Lied Dying
The N-Word of the ‘Narcissus’
The Purple and the Black
The Purple Badge of Courage
The Fuchsia Letter
The Caged Bird Probably Sings Because It Is Lonely, Horny and Bored
The Catcher in the Arugula
Feeling Like You Have To Barf
The Lion, the Witch and the Armoire
The Lord of the Brooches
Last Exit To Staten Island
A Bus Named Desire
The Adventures of Blueberry Finn
Mr. Quixote

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