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Snuffleupagus Raunch!

May 25, 2014

Since my last post I have been thinking of many things to write, composing sentences in my mind, sketching out arguments and observations, tuning my rhetoric, shaping vague thoughts into the pointed instruments of insight, and generally just daydream blogging in the way people always have, since long before blogs even existed. But all those imagined posts, they just seem like too much trouble to actually write, and are endlessly deferred. It is always easier to just write posts about things that I don’t care too much about, or that aren’t really about anything at all. Like this one. If you hoped I was going to something with the title then I am sorry, no. It does put me in mind of that Peter Jackson movie, Meet the Feebles, which is essentially his version of an R-rated Muppets movie. It has been a long time since I watched it, on VHS from Sneak Reviews. There was a guy who was hanging around our house from time to time, occasionally crashing on our couch, one of those marginal characters Nathaniel liked to befriend. He called himself a tramp, had a dog and a tent in the woods and a fondness for Dostoevsky. I don’t remember his name. He was a fan of Meet the Feebles, and it was probably his enthusiastic description of its craziness that led to us watch it. He had some kind of Old Testament name. Jedediah? That could be it. I don’t remember the movie as being particularly good, but it succeeds at being unusual. Those are some seriously low-down fucked-up puppets.

Of course Mr. Snuffleupagus was my favorite Sesame Street character. Who else was it going to be? I don’t remember his first name as Aloysius, but it is. If you are ever in a position to name a male child, you should consider Aloysius as a middle name. I think a more spellable first name is best, but give the boy a little magic in the middle, something special: Aloysius. I would be pleased if you named him Jedediah Aloysius, in honor of this blog post, which is otherwise the most ephemeral of ephemera. A living, breathing Jedediah Aloysius may be its, and my, only lasting legacy.

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