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Ecstatic Bipartisanship

February 20, 2014

But we still have this last week to go. I am hoping a little more chaos will get into the work.We have seen the basic minimalist set-up, this bare Beckett play in The Bridge. We have admired that bareness and let its peculiar optical qualities show us the unnoticed in our reality. The simplicity clarifies our vision. Very good. But where is the elephant? Where is the clown with his guts hanging out of his slashed belly, but the clown is made of marzipan and the guts the delicious sausages of Alsace-Lorraine, to be utterly consumed in a gleeful frenzy of dismemberment? Where is the burning upended automobile? Where is the girl in a bikini holding a machine gun? Where are the smears and spills still viscous? Where is the grain of rice into which the preamble of the NBA’s last collective bargaining agreement has been minutely inscribed by an autistic child, which you pay fifty cents to see through a microscope while a pickpocket lifts your wallet and the keys to your father’s red Vespa? Where is the braying donkey of art? The loud, large, and vulgar, the baroque and the perverse? Dionysus, Loki, and Coyote? Not that we need this. And maybe it is best that the integrity of the work is preserved against delirium. But I think maybe a little blood could show, at this point. Maybe a few cracks. A few intrusions. Extravagance, bloom, fire, the tread of an iguana upon a Persian carpet.

–from “Restivo Watch Day 16: Where is the Elephant?” (2/20/11)

Well, that didn’t happen.

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