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Heavy Drinking Is Not Enough

January 8, 2014

Heavy drinking is not enough. Our enemy has proven more cunning than we had though, more resilient, less drownable. For victory, for glory, heavy drinking, it seems, is not enough. Something more is called for. Something else. Something still very much like heavy drinking– make no mistake: our general direction, the direction of heavy drinking, is sound. Heavy drinking itself must continue, unceassingly. ‘Not enough’ does not mean ‘not absolutely necessary’. But more is needed, more in the direction to which heavy drinking is already leading us. What we need is undoubtedly heavy drinkingish, yet somehow even greater. As if it were the thing of which heavy drinking is just the shadow. An even wilder abandon, more ravishing intoxication, fiercer troubler of dreams. Is it possible, imaginable? Can you imagine it? Can such a form, in glorious, massy articulation, ever emerge from fevered brow to come crashing into our common earth, bottle raised to bottle’s power, comestible excelsior, the infinite quaff? God help us if it can’t.

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