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A Gentile and an Ingrate

November 27, 2013

Being one myself, I am not too excited by tomorrow’s double holiday, though we can all get behind feasting and oil conservation, in principle. I am thinking of doing a Thanksgiving fast, just to hit it from the other side, but after a few hours I will probably realize once again why that custom never really caught on. Thursday I will celebrate, as always, by quietly saying to myself, “Thor’s Day”, and giving brief thought to the Hammer God (wouldn’t it be funny if you actually used a hammer, or Thorazine, on a Thursday?). Thursday has been slightly tarnished by the cinematic success of a once-obscure comic-book travesty of the god, but it still has managed to resist commercialization fairly well, not unlike Thanksgiving itself. There is nothing wrong with being a dirty whore like Friday or Christmas, sometimes that is exactly what is wanted, but we can’t have every holiday selling itself so. Some must be kept for family and fellowship and the old gods. Others must be reserved for an ancient evil that makes Mammon look like a nosebleed at a chainsaw fight. And we need a few holidays that have been completely forgotten, so that people can get down to productive work, eat common foods, and be unselfconscious in their unhappiness.

To those who are celebrating Thanksgiving, or Hanukkah, or Thursday, or two of the three, or all three, best wishes to you, and everyone, everywhere.

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