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Obligatory Lou Reed Post

October 28, 2013

Aw, Lou, it’s the best music ever made, the instrumental intro to “All Tomorrow’s Parties” is like watching dawn break over a bank of buildings through the windows of these elegantly hermetic cages, which feels too well spoken, which I suspect is the other knife that cuts through your guts, the continents that divide literature and music and don’t care about either.   — Lester Bangs

Did you know that “lou reed” backward is “deer oul”? Which is now relevant, as Lou Reed has began his journey backward through time, back to the moment of his birth to complete and begin the cycle over again. In the reality of backward time he is Deer Oul, presumably a Native American shaman of ancient Lovecraftian rites, the leader of the long-lived but highly uninfluential Tevlev cult and a scooter pitchman (a contractually time-invariant position).

Godspeed, Deer Oul. May the winds of fortune favor you backwardly as they favored us, with the gift of your gifts, forwardly. Hurry on back now.

Keith endures, reclines in his lair, and, with a smile almost indiscernible, lifts his cup and drains it down.

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