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Fernet Bruno

July 25, 2013

Few posts on this blog have had as big an impact on the reading public as this one about the delisting of Fernet Branca by the Virginia ABC. I received a very positive response to that post, some of it in the form of generous libations. Now, I do not know, and cannot claim, that my words found their way into the offices of the ABC, that they lodged themselves deep in the brains of powerful booze bureaucrats and brought forth from those dank gray furrows a different way of thinking, a better way of thinking, that has now resulted in the triumphant return of Fernet Branca to the shelf at selected ABC retailers. But I do know, whether or not credit is due to my post, that it has returned. I saw it at the store off Hydraulic Road here in Charlottesville just last night. Later, I looked at The List, and there it was. The state of Virginia has rejoined civilization. May we never let her leave it again.

I had hoped to receive my copy of Bruno Latour’s An Inquiry into Modes of Existence: An Anthropology of the Moderns from Amazon yesterday, but apparently the gods decided they had handed out enough blessings that day. Though Amazon is maintaining that the release date was July 22nd, either that is not really true or they ran out of copies by the time they got to my place in the pre-order queue, because they are now saying that I will not be receiving it until August 6th. I hope to post a capsule review of it shortly thereafter. It has been a hard wait for this book, but we all just have to be patient and stay excited. It is not much longer now.

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