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One Year One Week & One Day

February 24, 2013

That’s how much time has passed been since the first post on this blog. Though less a long, strange trip than a brief, ordinary sitting-around, attention must be paid. Unfortunately, tonight is Oscar night, and that pseudo-event trumps all others in the American imagination. It’s like having Christmas as your birthday. (The 25th of December, by the way, is not actually Jesus’s birthday. He keeps the true day secret, so that he can enjoy a small, intimate celebration with family and friends, free from the tiresome jubilation, sanctimony, and commercialism that his common crowd of followers insist on bringing to the party. The 25th of December is actually the birthday of Judas Iscariot — a sly little in-joke that is said to have originated with Peter, though some say Paul.)

Today is the birthday of Jacques de Vaucanson (of mechanical duck fame), Mitch Hedberg, Judith Butler, Pico della Mirandola, George Thorogood, Paula Zahn, Jiří Trnka, Plastic Bertrand, Ibn Battuta, Billy Zane, Weldon Kees, and Emmanuelle Riva. All but the last have been completely forgotten on the their special day, and don’t think anyone would be paying a damn bit of attention to her if she wasn’t also an Academy Award nominee loser, no matter how very old she is. Don Knotts died seven years ago today, but who will bring flowers to his charmingly illustrated grave marker (you can see a picture of it on his Wikipedia page) in Westwood Cemetery on Oscar Sunday? (Eerily enough, Dennis Weaver died on the same day — sort of like Adams and Jefferson).

No point in really even trying today. But 1 year 2 weeks 3 days is coming up fast and, with any luck, will be unencumbered by previously scheduled bullshit. That will be the day for a Very Special pseudo-event pseudo-post to remember.

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