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February 3, 2013

I was thinking, as I lay in bed this afternoon slowly regaining consciousness, of a blog in which every post was aborted. Each would begin in possibility, with hope, but would quickly become dysfunctional, go awry, or just fizzle out and then have to be terminated. I would find this a very congenial approach to writing, just to put the failure into the premise. Failure: it’s always within your grasp. Quitting: always there for you. The natural name for this blog would be “Abortions”, but unfortunately that word has been entirely taken over by it’s reproductive use and become enmeshed in strong emotion. So I thought “Abortionitos” might be better, as just a kind of friendlier, less threatening version of the word.

I might create an abortionitos category for this blog. But I am not sure it would be easy to tell which posts belong to it. There can be ambiguities in this. Sometimes you can think you are aborting something but you actually end up bringing it to its fulfillment.

An art exhibit of abortionitos might be interesting.

Perhaps something similar could be done with retry and ignore, though ignore might be hard, or all too easy.

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