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Double Complete Rainbow

July 16, 2012

I saw it with my own eyes as I walked across Belmont Bridge last night at about 7:30 PM. It was pretty. And kind of cool because it’s not something you see very often. The secondary bow was faint, and I can’t swear that it was entirely visible from end to end, and therefore technically complete. I didn’t look at it hard enough to make that determination. I just glanced at it a few times for a few seconds as I was walking.  I thought about how in the Bible the rainbow appears to Noah & Co. as a sign of God’s covenant (i.e. “I will not try to wipe all living things from the earth again” and, a more controversial but possible reading, “If dudes want to have sex with other dudes, that’s cool with me”). Then I continued on my way to see Moonrise Kingdom at the Downtown Regal.

I had a sense that seeing the DCR en route to seeing that movie was vaguely appropriate, perhaps just due to shared reputations for special preciousness (though rainbows are, in fact, very serious and Newtonian phenomena involving sharp, manly angles, and Wes Anderson films can be as compact, practical, and cutting as a swiss army knife) but strangely enough I did not make the direct connection until some time after the film was over. As I knew quite well going in, and had confirmed in the viewing, the Flood is a central reference point in Moonrise Kingdom. How stupid of me not to think of that at the time! I wonder if things would have been different had I seen the rainbow immediately after the movie instead of before, as I imagine must have been the case for some viewers of an earlier showing. Maybe then the double complete rainbow would have overwhelmed me, made me laugh and cry and shout out, and wonder at the meaning of it all. It might have been a true conversion experience, though whether to Yahwehism or Wes Andersonism I do not know.

I would certainly recommend both double complete rainbows and Moonrise Kingdom to my readers.

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