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Meatball Amok

July 12, 2012

Like so many before him, Meatball was unable to make himself at home in Richmond. For a moment he was under threat of being dropped off at the SPCA like a common stray. In that moment I almost lost my faith in humanity altogether. Fortunately a kindly family in the north of the state stepped in to save him from the indignities of the Big House, offering him the hospitality of their home, with an eye toward relocating him on a permanent basis to a farm in Front Royal. Accustomed to the mild urbanity of Belmont as he is, I am not sure how Meatball will adjust to rural life, if that is indeed his fate. He might find it a pleasant pastoral retirement, the Happy Hunting Grounds of his dreams. Or maybe it will just seem way too square for a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm like Meatball.

The important thing is that he be still out there, living free and raising hell, wandering his own way through the world (or at least that part of it in the immediate vicinity of his food bowl), killing things and taking naps.

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