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Werner & Cormac Talk Science

June 6, 2012

HMOG! I have only now discovered this segment on NPR’s Science Friday, featuring Werner Herzog and Cormac McCarthy in conversation, along with physicist Lawrence Krauss (who only approaches their coolness by association: he wrote a book about Richard Feynman). They discuss the relationship between art and science, how humanity is doomed, and Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Werner reads a bit from All the Pretty Horses. Cormac explains the significance of the Higgs boson.

When night falls utterly on man and all his makings and the earth is once again still and dark in the void this broadcast will keep on expanding through space, a faint sphere of static, our emissary. Along with the ordure and stink and vomit that we have streamed out into the cold vacancies of the cosmos this single spark will endure, a testament of improbable awesomeness.

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