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Sigmund Summarized

June 3, 2012

Plot summaries of the first season episodes of Sid and Marty Krofft’s Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, as found on Netflix.

1. The Monster Who Came to Dinner  Sigmund the Sea Monster hides out with his new human friends Johnny and Scott in their clubhouse, but his big bad brothers come looking for him.

2. Puppy Love  When Sigmund falls in love with a dog, Johnny tries to explain to Sigmund the problems with inter-species relationships.

3. Frankenstein Drops In  When Sigmund’s brothers kidnap Scott to do Sigmund’s chores, Johnny and Scott attempt to rescue him with the help of Frankenstein.

4. Is There a Doctor in the Cave  When Sigmund gets sick, Scott and Johnny find a doctor at the aquarium — but they soon realize the doctor only wants Sigmund for research.

5. Happy Birthdaze  Zelda the housekeeper plans a birthday party and depends on the boys to clean the house, but things go wrong when Sigmund cleans the house instead.

6. The Nasty Nephew  Facing more taxes after an audit reveals that Sigmund is missing, Sigmund’s father sends Sigmund’s brothers to retrieve their little tax deduction.

7. Monster Rock Festival  Sigmund refuses to sing with his sea monster family in a monster rock concert because he has entered a radio contest on his own.

8. Ghoul School Days  When Sigmund’s brothers trick him into going to ghoul school, Johnny and Scott neglect their own schoolwork to find their missing sea-monster friend.

9. The Curfew Shall Ring Tonight  Sigmund accidentally breaks Aunt Zelda’s bowl and goes to get money from his family’s cave to replace it, but he’s caught by the sea monster sheriff.

10. Sweet Mamma Redecorates  Sigmund’s mother, Sweet Mama, decides to redecorate the sea monster cave, but to save money she gets her furniture from Johnny and Scott’s house.

11. Make Room for Big Daddy  When Sweet Mama kicks Big Daddy out of the cave, he moves into the clubhouse with Sigmund.

12. It’s Your Move  Sigmund’s family evacuates the cave for a storm, and Sigmund moves home to avoid Johnny and Scott’s parents.

13. Trick or Treat  It’s Halloween and Sigmund decides to go trick-or-treating with Johnny and Scott, so he disguises himself as a boy in a sea monster costume.

14. Uncle Siggy Swings  When Uncle Siggy discovers that Sigmund is not at the cave, he locates him at the clubhouse — and falls in love with Zelda.

15. Dinosaur Show  A caveman and his pet dinosaur move into the Ooze’s cave and force them out.

16. The Wild Weekend  While vacationing on the beach, movie star Jack Wild meets Sigmund and the boys — and then finds himself captured by Sigmund’s sea monster family.

17. Boy for a Day  Sigmund’s family is invited to Uncle Siggy’s luau, but Sigmund hits his head and begins to think that he’s a human boy.

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