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Gorilla vs. Grizzly

May 30, 2012

by Corey
(for Ricky and Tony)

They don’t want to fight.
Better to munch on berries or leaves,
romp in a stream with the silvery fish
or drowse in equitorial shade while the little ones chase butterflies.

But sometimes it happens.
Betting men come by with traps and tranquilizers,
they take you to a neutral venue, courtesy of
a mobbed-up casino or hospitable potentate,
and you go at it, again.

Ferociously each comes from his corner.
No one sees the boredom in their eyes.
Or is it laughter?
They go through the motions,
biding their time
until the chance comes
for them to turn, together,
against Man and his whims.

The carnage begins.

From → Corey

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