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Voices from the Center of Creation

April 13, 2012

[The following was written as Subverbo email]

Tonight April 13th: a lot, read

Saturday, April 14th: Dhrupad concert by the Gundecha brothers, 8PM, 209 Maury Hall, FREE

Thursday, April 19th: Mss. CD/Book release party w/Dais Queue, 8PM, Black Market Moto Saloon

Through Thursday at Vinegar Hill: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Tonight there is a lot going on in Charlottesville and it would be completely understandable for a person to get overwhelmed by it all and end up just staying home with a jar of pickles and a bottle of whiskey. But tomorrow night, Saturday night, there is an event that you really ought to rouse yourself for, because it may just end up being the best concert of the year; also, it may awaken you to the presence of the Divine. It is yet another SPICMACAY Indian classical music concert at the University of Virginia. I am particularly excited about this one because it is Dhrupad music, and it was listening to Dhrupad that first really turned me on to Indian music, although it is quite different from most of the jams I have enjoyed since. It is an ancient vocal style, very meditative, trancey, cosmic, gigantic with the bliss of All Creation. The singing makes you feel lifted up, in this very direct and visceral way. It is some of the most powerful music I have ever heard. You can find the Gundecha brothers on Youtube, though that is such a lame-ass way to experience something like this (though it still sounds awesome) you will probably be better off just going to the concert blind.

I am not sure where Tyler Magill’s voice comes from, probably the periphery of Portsmouth, but it too has its magic, sort of. I have not seen Mss. for awhile and can’t say where their courageous research into the world of sound has taken them but I look forward to finding out. Apparently it has resulted in a book as well as CD. Dais Queue is the solo guitar of Davis Salisbury, be sure to catch him as well. Long lines of historical Charlottesvillean musical force will be snaking their way into the Saloon on Thursday, tangling and entwining and writhing, shifting the spaces of reality to some small degree, with repercussions unknown to man or beast. Why not be at ground zero when it happens?

Jiro is a documentary about a great sushi chef. I have not seen it yet but when I do I will put up a review on the blog.

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