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Suppose I’d Better Blog

March 28, 2012

So I suppose I’d better blog some. Well, it’s been interesting weather we’ve been having here in Charlottesville, and, I suppose, other places that aren’t too far away or maybe even ones that are,– it seems like weather patterns hold steady over large swathes of the country, huge blots on the maps of television weatherpeople, so I suppose there has been interesting weather in a huge blot of America, maybe the entire Eastern Seaboard, for example, or the Mid-Atlantic, or Delmarva, or the Formerly Rebellious States of the Union. First it was warm, then it got cold, now it seems like it may be getting to some intermediate state. Very interesting. Some would say it goes against nature. Possibly it is that damn global warming that does it, or the approach of the Endtimes. The light that slanted and glowed under the rainclouds this evening was so gorgeously apocalyptic I just wanted to strip myself naked and grab a broadsword and run out into it; run through the streets of Charlottesville chanting ancient Gaelic poetry, sometimes softly chanting, sometimes loudly rashly shouting, swinging that broadsword about like a Fourth of July sparkler, letting the surviving sunlight, cloud-harried into an otherworldy splendor, be its emblazoner.

Of course I didn’t do that. Left the sword at home today, would have had to make do with my swiss army knife, and what a sad spectacle that would have been.

Someday though… someday.

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