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Bloodsuckers of PETA

March 23, 2012

In their war against The American Way of Life, the arthropod army may have failed in its full on locust assault, but it continues the fight through innumerable guerrilla actions. One of the most recent and bizarre examples comes from ticks, and it was discovered by researchers right here in Charlottesville. Something in the saliva of ticks — lone star ticks in particular — seems to cause a reaction that can result in a potentially life-threatening allergy to red meat!  Yes, people are getting bitten by ticks, then at some point go enjoy themselves a nice steak or rack of lamb, then several hours later, perhaps waking in terror in the middle of the night, they find themselves in a state of severe anaphylaxis. Surviving that, and receiving a correct diagnosis, they can never feel safe eating the delicious flesh of mammals again. Imagine the horror! Nature continues to strike back against us, in ever more ingenious and sick-minded ways. Be careful out there.

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