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February 16, 2012

By Corey

Hi, it’s me, Corey. I am posting under Alonzo’s ID because we still haven’t quite figured out this WordPress thing. I was thinking that since yesterday was Valentine’s Day, maybe today is Marriage Day, if you’re in a hurry. So I decided to write a poem about marriage.

If you would like to read a longer poem about marriage I would recommend “Marriage” by Marianne Moore, who, like me, wasn’t ever married and didn’t really know anything about it but so what, that’s poetry for you. You can probably find it on the internet, though I read it in a book.

Is the union between a man and a woman
Or two men, or two women
Or two men and one woman
Or five women and three men
Or two women, two men, and a hermaphrodite

Or a sultan and fifty sultry harem girls
A frog and a duck
A dude and his doll
A pair a flamingos
A flock of seagulls
A dog, a carrot, and a sasquatch

Because marriage is love
And love cannot be bound
Love does not care about the Pope
Love does not care about the government
Love does not care about Jesus
Unless Jesus is love
In which case it’s all cool.

Marriage is an unbreakable bond
Until one party decides to leave
For greener pastures
And more golden dawns

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